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My name is Elliot Conway and I am recent graduate in International Relations from the University of Lincoln. My passion in life is learning, and encouraging others to learn foreign languages. This bog will contain posts about specific languages, my experiences learning languages, as well as helpful guides to help you become an efficient language learner.

Bayrisch: eine Sprache oder einfach ein Deutsch-Dialekt?

Es ist fast drei Wochen her, seit ich zum ersten Mal in München angekommen, und habe noch nie so glücklich gewesen, und was hab ich gelernt? Ganz viel. Erstens habe ich gelernt, das es gibt viele Sprachen, die hier in München … Continue reading

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Warum ich Deutsch lernte

Oft wann ich auf diese Blog schreibe,schreibe ich oft wie viel ich die Deutsche Sprache liebe. Und heute werde ich endlich erklären warum und wie ich Deutsch gelernt habe. Seit ich ein Kind war, habe ich viel Sprachen in das Haus meiner Eltern … Continue reading

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Why Irish (Gaeilge) is far from dead.

As I am in my final term of university, my language learning has taken a much bigger dip that I anticipated. However, that doesn’t mean that I have abandoned language learning entirely. I have often been reading vast amounts of foreign … Continue reading

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Setting yourself language learning goals

So it’s been almost a year since I last updated my blog due to my university and academic commitments, However I successfully managed to achieve a 2:1 in my exams and so far this summer I have dived straight back … Continue reading

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How to fit language learning into your busy schedule

Hello again! I know it has been a while since I have posted anything sadly my laptop crashed during the summer and I was too busy working to get it fixed. But it is fixed now, and I’m back in … Continue reading

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One language or many?

Welcome back! First of all before we begin this post I’d like to apologise for my absence and lack of posts over the past few months. Unfortunately my work load increased so my time was mostly occupied with studying and revising … Continue reading

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Too Much information (TMI tag)

Although this is completely unrelated to language learning, I thought I’d doe the TMI quiz as my readers probably don’t know that much about me. Hope you enjoy reading! 1: What are you wearing? I am I wearing blue jeans … Continue reading

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Memory techniques in language learning

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and New Years, and have now settled back into everyday life. Upon coming back to university following the Christmas break, I found myself visiting the library on a daily basis in … Continue reading

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Slutet av min första termin

Så, är detta blogginlägg kommer att vara helt på svenska. Men varför? Man kan fraga. Tja, har min tid på universitetet lärde mig så mycket på så lite tid! Jag har gjort så många bra vänner, och jag ska saknar dem över jul. … Continue reading

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Current language plans and university commitments

As I am now at university, I barely have time to breathe with the level of reading I am required to do as part of my course. The past weeks have been spent in the library until the early hours … Continue reading

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