Current language plans and university commitments

As I am now at university, I barely have time to breathe with the level of reading I am required to do as part of my course. The past weeks have been spent in the library until the early hours of the morning, complimented by an almost infinite amount of redbull, making sure all my assignments are up to date. Unfortunately, this has affected my language learning commitments quite severely. However, I have not stopped using my languages. I have made many international friends, I have had the chance to speak Swedish, German, Dutch and even improve some Portuguese. Meeting people from all around the world has also inspired me to learn their languages, such as Farsi or Russian.


The add1challenge

I would first like to apologize to those who also follow my YouTube account for my lack of videos regarding the +1challenge. The truth is, my book to learn Hungarian never arrived, and I have not had the time to commit myself to learning an entirely new language, hence why I have had to pull out. I am deeply saddened by this, but I do want to wish all of those still doing the +1challenge the best of luck, and I hope you all succeed in your language studies! My good friend Brian kwong has inspired many people to be a part of this challenge, and I also wish him the best of luck in his language studies.

Is this the end?

No, this is my no means the end of my language learning. I don’t spend hours in the library working on the same thing as this is not recommended. I normally study for an hour or so, then I decide to go back and improve my current languages, and then I go back to university study. After seeing how well I communicate with people in my languages, I have deduced that I am able to communicate at a high conversational level in both Swedish and Afrikaans. So I still try to speak these languages on a daily basis, but improving them is not a priority at the moment.


Ever since I can remember, Germany has always fascinated me. The culture, the history, the language, and now the German economy. My grandparents have always encouraged me to learn German, and i took it upon myself to do so. I managed to get my level for to between and A1 – A2 level on the European Framework, but unfortunately I never took German at school, ad I rarely got a chance to practice it. This however has changed, I have decided to dedicate sometime to learning GCSE then A-level German, and i am hoping to reach a much higher level by this time next year. What are my reasons for this? Well I have made a very good friends who is from Germany, and so far we have spoken mostly in German (despite my appalling level) but this has inspired me to learn more and become more comfortable in German.


Some of you may remember that before the summer, I had begun to learn Hebrew. I successfully managed to study for an hour day for three months, and i managed to reach past the beginners level of a language. I have recently taken up Hebrew again, because I have actually never enjoyed learning a language more than I enjoy learning Hebrew.  Many people are put off by Hebrew mainly due to the fact that it’s script is written backwards, and that the alphabet does not include vowels. I overcame this obstacle, and discovered that Hebrew is a surprisingly straightforward language to learn. I am hoping to reach a highly conversational level in Hebrew by the summer next year. I will try to achieve this my going back to my routine of studying for a maximum of an hour a day, whilst also studying for my assignments.


I am currently studying for a degree in International Relations and politics, and I believe that languages truly compliment my course. My tutor has also recommended that we all learn a new language. I want to go into politics when I am older, particularly in the foreign office or in foreign relations.  I want to make sure my languages become much more than just a hobby, and they are. I read somewhere that one language sets you in a corridor for life, but two languages open every door along the way.


About Elliot Conway

My name is Elliot Conway and I am recent graduate in International Relations from the University of Lincoln. My passion in life is learning, and encouraging others to learn foreign languages. This bog will contain posts about specific languages, my experiences learning languages, as well as helpful guides to help you become an efficient language learner.
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